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(nor indeed can all soils bear all things)
Virgil, Georgics, book 2, 109

You will meet here people, who have made art as a virtue of their existence. You walk in the park-farm, from hill to hill, you will meet the figures, with their poetic magnetism, carved by artists from around the world, who have elected this land as their own source of inspiration.
(nor indeed can all soils bear all things)
Virgil, Georgics, book 2, 109

But if you want to rediscover the value of silence, recreate yourself, reflect, meditate, create: this is the place you were looking for. You will have a different perception of the colors as the seasons unfold. The blooms of spring, great sunsets in summer, autumn red and pure light in winter. The bells of Giacomo Puccini (those described in Tosca) will mark your time regained.

Like the twisted trunk of the olive tree
Be patient, bear mists and frost;
your thirst endure heat
And your life will be smooth like oil.

Like the kind vine-shoot
you learn to grow with measure,
The agreement seeks in your desires.
You will know the thrill, like wine .

Like the tip of the slender cypress
direct your eyes to the sky,
and abandon yourself to every friendly breeze.
You will be as light as its scent.

G. Cordoni
Concadisopra, 2620

Nell’ondeggiar dell’aria estiva
Pastura dell’anima
Come miracolo si compie
A rifocillar
Giuste spettanze
Di poesia e d’arte
Fra la calma degli olivi
E nella quiete che s’apre
A spaziar dalla Gorgona
Alla Capraia
E più lungi al Corso suolo
Nell’immensità di quest’azzurro
E luccicante Orizzonte

Paolo Tarabella